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A team that loves to create

SAGYA is a contender in the globalization of EPC Services, Supply Solutions and in managing business processes for companies in Africa. The company combines process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight and experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services using its global delivery platform.

As a world-class provider of solid EPC and supply-chain solutions, SAGYA has an extensive network in many countries in Africa & around the world.
Providing advanced customer-specific solutions through our value-creating services; SAGYA’s EPC teams allow you to make all the right moves for your business.

Our dedicated, quality people strive to provide you with tailor-made solutions, customized to your particular needs.
SAGYA creates value through innovative end-to-end services.

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Excellence in Quality

SAGYA leverages its process expertise across multiple industries and uses its strengths in technology and analytics to drive business impact for global companies. SAGYA has a customer-first business model that focuses on forming deep client relationships, which are based on trans-parency, compliance, integrity and mutual benefit.

Our goal is to deliver significant value to our clients by continuously improving processes and to provide end-to-end business impact

We operate through our Principle objectives of:

To provide a cost effective and competitive services.
To deliver safe and quality work.
To work with clients in continuous value-added services model.
To provide one stop shop for clients with the most competitive cost

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We Pride Ourselves on Globalized Partnerships

Washington Rotating Inc. USA

We pride ourselves on being the Exclusive Agent for Washington Rotating. Washington Rotating has always strives to make the best rotating control device in the international market. Our control devices are used worldwide in all types of harsh environments. We are proud that we manufacture our products in the United States and ship them around the world for oil and gas drilling.

Southwest Wire Rope Inc: .

Southwest Wire Rope was established in 1966 to meet a strong demand for reliable service and quality wire rope required by industries along the Gulf Coast. Since those early years, we have expanded and increased our product line to meet diversified markets around the world. Today, we are a prime supplier of material handling, lifting & mooring products globally.

Western Silverline Inc.

Formed in 1994 Western Silverline Inc. has become known as a provider of high quality products to the Oil and Gas industry in Canada and around the world. We supply Swab Cups, Swabbing Equipment, Packer Cups and Workover Rig Equipment on a timely basis to our customers in North America and overseas. All of our Swab Cups, Swabbing Equipment and Packer Cups are manufactured in North America.

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