Our Experienced team, combined with our international Partnerships have positioned us to extend our operations across many fields – Allowing us to accept projects across :

Through our 10 years of development, we have gained the trust of many of our clients within industrial operations – as we provide a full range of industrial maintenance and replacement for any and all equipment and machinery needed. We initially engage to analyze the parts in question as per our clients request – analyzing it state and operational use before proceeding with maintenance or replacement to insure our clients industrial processes can continue.
Oil and Gas:
our team operates with many local and international companies and clients to supply required Oil and Gas Machinery and tools to operate along different stages and scopes of the Oil and Gas production process. we provide the access, installation, servicing and testing for various model and machines to insure the highest efficient quality. etc. Pressure sensors, Heavy Machinery, Portable Equipment.
Construction operations are constantly changing with the change in technology and modern day mechanics – as such we have established the necessary networks to Provide Top of the line equipment and material necessary helping to facilitate in cutting edge construction processes. Our team provides support in analysis of the required equipment and delivers necessary data driven decisions to insure the clients needs are met for any construction related equipment and products.
Turn Key Projects
Our Turnkey projects encompasses our service of providing all the sets and requirements of a project as per our clients request – insuring the appropriate quality is maintained throughout. It covers all of the deliverable steps – from the analysis and design of the project; supplying the necessary required resources and equipment ; insuring they are properly constructed, maintained and launched . Submitting the project as a final product ready for the client to use by simply – Turning the Key.
Electrical Utility
Operating as a supplier and maintenance for many governmental electrical operations, our partnerships and experienced staff allow us to engage in a range of electric utility functions and operations. we operate on a large spectrum of operations extending from large Power stations, High and low voltage Distribution and transmission operations , and parts and equipment supply for all levels in between.